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From the Desk of Liz Davis,
Life Mentor & Social Media Expert

Dear Friend,

The birth of social media is probably the most monumental shift on the Internet in the last twenty years.

When the Internet first came to be, people were amazed at how information was transmitted at the speed of light.

What we are witnessing now is a 360 degree evolution of the Internet. The Internet is now being used more and more as a substitute for real-world communication… But something insidious is hiding in the details.

The problem started in the late nineties…

Doctors and scientists started documenting important changes in how the Internet was affecting their lives. Their findings were shocking.

People were attaching themselves to the Internet, like a baby attaching himself to his mother for comfort.

At first, people thought it was nothing.

Why would anyone use the Internet for hours, anyway?

Why would anyone develop an addiction on something so artificial?

Then a new concept came into being: Internet addiction. But before experts could wrap their minds around this strange behavior, everything started changing, evolving and at one point, the Internet itself started spinning into a completely new world that took everyone by surprise – and nothing was the same again.

Fast forward to today, where smartphones, tablets and personal computers are almost in every home and office in the modern world.

The Statistics

  • It is estimated that Facebook has over one billion active users at any given day. As you read this, Over 100 hours of video is being uploaded to YouTube from all over the world.

  • Within just 24 hours people will be tweeting a total of 400 million times to their followers and friends.

  • And as 400 million tweets are flying across the world, computers, smartphones and tablets are humming to the tune of 700 billion minutes just displaying the contents of Facebook.

It is obvious that something is amiss and yet, because of the gratification offered by social media, people find it difficult to spot.

Social media has now become a part of human life. It can no longer be truly separated from modern living. And herein lies the Bigger Problem...

People are quickly becoming addicted to social media and they don’t even know what’s happening to them.

The Test

Is social media addiction causing havoc in your life as we speak? I have a few questions that may help us answer this…

  • Does social media prevent you from giving your full attention to family activities, friends and even your work in the office?
  • Do you feel irritated that you have to do things for people when you are checking out Facebook or any other social media website?
  • Do you have a hard time focusing on what you have to do because of the frequent, uncontrollable urges to check your social networks?
  • Has your use of social media had any negative effects on any area of your life (relationships, family or work)?  
  • Has anyone told you that your behavior is not normal and you may have a problem?
  • Have you tried controlling or stopping your use of social media, only to feel horrible that you did?
  • Have you tried cutting your social media habit short only to return to your old ways after a short while?
IMPORTANT: If you answered “yes” to any of these questions then you are probably suffering from Social Media Addiction.

Digital Addiction is REAL 

Social Media Addiction (SMA) is a compulsive behavioral condition characterized by an uncontrollable need to use social media websites and services.

What many people don’t know is that you don’t need a physical drug or substance to develop addiction.

A full-blown addiction can result when a person devotes a large percentage of his time and energy to something that provides a perceived reward or benefit.

Social media addiction is real – and here’s why:

Medical researchers from the US and the United Kingdom have recently discovered peculiar changes in the human brain when a person uses social media.

Several interrelated studies concluded that social media affected the pleasure center of the brain.

The pleasure center of the brain, also known as nucleus accumbens, is responsible for rewarding the mind and body when we do or receiving something that is perceived as ‘good’ such as sex, money, gambling, illicit drugs, alcohol, etc.    

It appears that social media was actually stimulating the pleasure center of the brain, effectively becoming a source of instant pleasure, like cigarettes and alcohol.

In another separate study, it was also found that social media caused a higher degree of withdrawal over a long period of time compared to alcohol and tobacco products.

Scientifically, social media is even more addictive to your brain than tobacco and alcohol

Experts agree that if you are using social media for more than two hours every day this may already be an early sign of an impending problem.

This problem can transform into a crippling addiction very quickly.

The Consequences of Social Media Addiction

  • Choosing online interactions (e.g. Facebook chat) over real life conversations and interactions like going out with friends.
  • Whole families will begin to drift apart because of lack of real communication.
  • Couples will begin to experience relationship issues because of lack of communication as well. Being engrossed in social media while eating out or just being with someone is a hallmark sign of social media addiction and should not be ignored.  
  • Social Media Addiction can also lead to inappropriate behavior like “sexting” and posting sexually-explicit materials online. These types of behavior can lead to the destruction of a person’s online persona and his real-world reputation.
  • A person can become an obsessed fanatic of social media, shunning all advice and good sense in favor of his addiction.
  • Work and productivity will take a massive hit because of the sudden decline in focus and desire to finish delegated tasks at work.
  • Frequent and uncontrollable checking of social media networks.
  • “Substitution” or the act of ‘experiencing’ life by uploading pictures, tweeting and posting statuses online while neglecting people around you.
  • Social media becomes the center of your life. It’s the first thing you see at night and the first thing you look at before doing anything else.
  • Creating more time for social media by neglecting responsibilities and commitments to other people.
  • Withdrawal symptoms when the person is unable to use social media when he feels the compulsion to do so
  • Anxiety and depression can also set in even if you have full access to your social media networks
  • The need to get a social media fix will increase exponentially over time, magnifying existing problems created by the social media addiction
Social media addiction may be rooted in digital abuse… But there is a real-world solution!

In my own studies of social media addiction, I realized that as a behavioral addiction it would be completely wrong to try to remedy it with prescription medication or by going ‘cold turkey’. Such drastic measures will only serve to fuel the desire of the mind to grasp the source of pleasure again.

Remember: simply using social media stimulates the part of the brain that brings about pleasure. You’re treading on shaky ground if you think your brain is going to give up your social media addiction just like that.

I created a different strategy for battling this insidious enemy. I knew that it was going to be a tough challenge, but I had a few secret weapons up my sleeve that utterly destroyed social media addiction and kept it out for good!

Introducing Liz Davis’


6 Audio Training Modules
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If you or someone you know is suffering from full-blown addiction to social media, Beat Social Media Addiction just might be the best, real-world solution that you have been waiting for.

This system has been fine-tuned by years of research and is backed up by the latest findings on this evolved form of behavioral addiction. If you have tried to beat your habit before and have failed, this will work for you.

If you care for someone who is showing signs of SMA this will be the foundation of a new life. If you want to beat your own addiction for good so the suffering will just stop, this is most definitely for you.

Yes Liz, I want to end my social media addiction starting today  
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Want to see more of Beat Social Media Addiction? Let me give you the grand tour:

Module 1. Understanding Social Media Addiction

Social media addiction is more than just overusing social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter. It poses a much more significant risk to the quality of life of people who have developed this behavioral addiction.

Whether people acknowledge it or not, social media addiction has evolved to become a true behavioral problem that has an immense negative impact on a person’s relationships, daily life and even his career.

  • Find out what social media addiction really is and how to begin fighting it so it doesn’t take over your life
  • Discover if you have this addiction yourself. There are accurate ways to determine if a person is simply enjoying social media or if social media has become the focal point of one’s life.
  • How does social media addiction negatively impact a person’s life? What can you do so it doesn’t take over the important dimensions of your life?
  • Delve into the complex issues behind social media use and ultimately, I will reveal to you how you can break free from the cyclical traps set forth by social media addiction
  • Peek into your own future after you have permanently broken your social media addiction – the truth will surprise you!
Module 2. Taking the First Step: Acknowledgement

Social media addiction is a real condition that requires a step by step program so you can recover from it. The first step is acknowledging that you have the problem.

This module is all about empowering yourself by gaining a deeper understanding of what has actually happened when the social media addiction set in. Once you have this powerful knowledge, recovery and the journey to a happy, normal life will soon follow.

  • Are you addicted to social media? Take my specialized addiction test to find out if social media has crept up and has begun terrorizing your life from within.
  • The social media addiction test is specially designed to take into consideration the varied after-effects of this behavioral problem.

  • What is your quality of life at this point in time? Find out by taking a full inventory of what is happening in your life.

  • I will also show you how you can create clear priorities so that you will have a reliable roadmap for your journey back to recovery. Recovery in the context of social media addiction is complete freedom from the shackles of abused technology!
Module 3. Step Two: Commit to Change

Recovery from social media addiction (or any other kind of addiction) will be impossible if the person does not commit to changing himself. No amount of help will be useful if the person himself chooses to remain trapped in the cycle of addiction.

You have to take action if you want to recover.

This is why in Module 3, we will be exploring how you can commit to change and take action as often as possible to keep yourself on the right track. No other person has the authority or power to do this but you. 

  • Gain full access to a 7-step Power Program that you can use to rebuild your life after you’ve become trapped in social media addiction.

  • I will help you establish better routines and priorities so you can begin discarding your old priorities in favor of more productive ones.

  • Your health as a social individual is on the line here, so I have also created specific strategies that will help you taper your own use of social media. You will also learn about abuse triggers and how they affect your behavior and decision-making ability.

  • Rediscover life unshackled by social media. Find out how you can reclaim your real social life, family life and career through productivity strategies. Having trouble focusing at work or at home? This is the module that will help you normalize your life once again.

Full Recovery is a Click Away – Obliterate Social Media Addiction
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Module 4.  Step Three: Subconscious Mind Retraining

The subconscious mind is the seat of our dreams, fears and desires. It is the nexus of our free will and personal power, too.

Subconscious mind retraining ensures that you will permanently recover from social media addiction and you will be able to lead a normal life, free from the problems brought upon you by this behavioral problem. Module 4 is all about reprogramming the subconscious mind through powerful techniques that you can use anytime, anywhere.

  • Uncover the links between your current behavior and the true state of your subconscious mind. Is your subconscious mind working toward your best interests or is the opposite taking place?
  • How to use meditation to balance the mind and emotions. A person’s addiction to social media is often preceded by emotional turmoil, stress and other personal problems.

  • Meditation can help clear the fog brought by personal problems so you can work through these separate issues in your life without resorting to the temporary high brought about by abusing social media.

  • Bring the full power of the Law of Attraction to melt away social media addiction. Use a special LOA technique to remove the bindings of social media addiction for good.
  • Find out how creative visualization can be used to improve your mental state so you can reclaim your time and life. Tired of the emotional burdens and frequent distractions brought about by social media? Now you can use creative visualization to your advantage.
  • Seal your success with positive affirmations. Positive affirmations are used to reinforce new ideas and values in the subconscious mind. I will show you what type of positive affirmations are needed to deal with behavioral addictions such as social media addiction.


Module 5. Step Four: Make Up For Lost Time – Recovery

Module 5 marks your transition or graduation from the Subconscious Mind Retraining phase.

At this point in time you would have already gained significant control over your behavior and how you spend your time at home or in the office. You would have also made enlightening realizations about how you should behave when you are socializing with others in different situations.

You will no longer have strong compulsions to check social media websites frequently and the amount of time that you will be spending on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. will be significantly minimized and within very reasonable levels.

This module deals with self-forgiveness and more action on your part to repair the damage caused by your previous social media addiction. It is never too late and by simply reading my letter, you are showing that you want to end your social media addiction for good.

  • Understand the role of forgiveness in your journey to full recovery. Are you feeling guilty about all of the time you’ve spent using social media? This guilt can hamper your recovery and can even cause some people to revert to old behavior.

  • The blame game has no place in your journey to recovery. I will show you exactly how you can recover from social media addiction without having to deal with painful pangs of guilt and self-blame.
  • How to reconnect with the important people in your life. People who have become addicted to social media are often at a loss as to how they can start reconnecting with people in the real world.
  • The digital world of social media is comforting and generally speaking, people have full control of what they see. A person who had been posting something unsavory can be blocked or deleted easily from a Facebook newsfeed, or perhaps un-followed on Twitter.

  • It’s different in the real world – this is probably one of the reasons why people find it difficult to reconnect with others after dealing with social media addiction. You can’t really shut off the real world the same way you can block Facebook contacts or Twitter followers.

Let me hold your hand so you can start having meaningful relationships once again with the people you love and care for. This is the best form of personal healing that you can experience in this journey – the healing brought by other people as they re-enter your life not as bits of digital data but as real, genuine people who want to a real part of your life.

Module 6. Step Five: Continued Self Awareness and Modification

The final and most important step in recovering from social media addiction is establishing a support network. This support network will enable you to remain steadfast as you continue living a life that is as far away as possible from your previous addiction.

In Module 6, we will be discussing how you can create an effective support system and how you can remain firmly committed in being a responsible user of social media platforms.

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Freedom from addiction is a choice and the choice to be free is yours today.

To Your Massive Success,

Liz Davis

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